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soft grunge & models


every time I walk past my neighbour’s letterbox a little part of my soul is sucked into hell


I have no idea what to do for a career. I feel like I have no marketable skills; I like doodling, making jokes, watching movies, and discussing ideas with people about every random thing. I also get bored and depressed VERY easily (I like animals but being a vet is out of the question because it would break my heart), and I can’t plan or organise worth a damn. How on earth am I going to find something which lets me use my bizarre skill set and in which I don’t lose interest after a month??


she did care …

It's Just Another Beginning
Currently walking through yet another chapter in my life. It eventually will fade, my life will take yet another unexpected turn, and then a new chapter will begin. Each and every day, we are fading.. turning into something new and becoming something even more beautiful than we can ever imagine.

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